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Binsfeld, Anton
Birth date: 03/23/1857, Death date: 1922
Father: Antoine Binsfeld Mother: Margaretha Schieder
This family was from Luxembourg

Binsfeld, Peter
Birth date: 12/15/1852, Death date: 1912
Father: Antoine Binsfeld Mother: Margaretha Schieder
Spouse: Barbara Stoll

Lavin, Timothy
Birth date: 06/18/1908, Death date: 07/18/1969
Father: Timothy Thady Lavin Mother: Catherine Walsh
Timothy was the brother of Fr Andy and also a Catholic priest.

Lavin, Andrew Patrick
Birth date: 08/30/1905, Death date: 08/03/1986
Father: Tomothy Thady Lavin Mother: Catherine Walsh
Spouse: not married-Catholic priest
Fr Andy was a Catholic priest and for years resided at St Joseph’s in Collingdale.

McCann, Mary Agnes
Birth date: 02/10/1886, Death date: 1937
Father: Michael John Connell Mother: Margaret Lavin
Spouse: John McCann

Mary was born in Cuiltybo,Mayo,Ireland. She immigrated with her sister Kate. They worked at the Warner Estate,now Villa Maria, before marrying.

McCann, John
Birth date: 03/16/1883, Death date: 12/17/1944
Father: Mother:
Spouse: Mary Agnes Connell

McCann, Frank
Birth date: 1878, Death date: 1936
Frank was born in Ireland.He was the brother of John. It is not know if he ever married.

McCann, Helen
Birth date: 01/27/1921, Death date: 12/30/2008
Father: John McCann Mother: Mary Agnes Connell
Helen never married. She was very close to her numerous nieces and nephews. She was born in Malvern, in her later years lived in Haverford and was active in her church. She passed away at a nursing home in HoneyBrook.

Buffington, John
Birth date: 1916, Death date: 1976
Father: Charles T Buffington Mother: Elizabeth
Spouse: Catherine McCann
John ran Buffington’s garage on King Street in Malvern for years. They lived above the garage and later moved to a home on West King St.

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