1819 Belfast

Belfast General & Commercial Directory for 1819

Johnston merchants, manufacturers, and inhabitants listed in Thomas Bradshaw’s Belfast General & Commercial Directory for 1819. 1
Note: The directory has been transcribed faithfully and just as it originally appeared.
Pages 38 and 39 of the directory read:

JOHNSTON, Alexander, house, sign, transparency and ornamental painter, 12 Wilson’s court.
JOHNSTON, Samuel, whitesmith, 13 Cole’s alley.
JOHNSTON, Allen, plasterer, 8 Cromack street.
JOHNSTON, Samuel, tanner and glue manufacturer, 43 Mill street.
JOHNSTON, William, baker, 33 Mill street.
JOHNSTON, John, joiner, 19 Mill street.
JOHNSTON, Robert, cabinet-maker, 20 Marquis street.
JOHNSTON, Robert, cabinet-maker, 3 Croarkan’s pad.
JOHNSTON, John, wholesale and retail grocer, 38 North street.
JOHNSTON, John, tailor, 7 Mary street.
JOHNSTON, James, cooper, 23 Green street.
JOHNSTON, John, cow-keeper, Ballymacarret.
JOHNSTON, John, gent. Achley-hall, Ballymacarret.
JOHNSTON, William, leather-cutter, Mill street.
JOHNSTON, Thomas, watch and clock-maker, 41 Ann st.
JOHNSTON, Samuel, grocer, 39 Prince’s street.
JOHNSTON, George, publican, sign of Wellington, Old Barrack street.
JOHNSTON, John, grocer, 62 Millfield.
JOHNSTON, Joseph, baker, 47 Peter’s hill.
JOHNSTON, William, 45 Gardener’s street.
JOHNSTON, Robert, linen dealer, 49 Mill street.
JOHNSTON, Jane, shoemaker, 15 Chapel lane.
JOHNSTON, Nathaniel, shoemaker, 12 Chapel lane.
JOHNSTON, William, publican, 27 Smithfield.
JOHNSTON, James, huxter, 12 Blue-bell entry.
JOHNSTON, John, whitesmith, 15 Blue-bell entry.
JOHNSTON, ____, pilot, 8 Chichester lane.
JOHNSTON, James, weaver, 9 Lodge lane.
JOHNSTON, John, chandler, 61 Carrick hill.
JOHNSTON, Thomas, carpenter, Pepper hill.
JOHNSTON, John, grocer and leather-cutter, 98 West st.
JOHNSTON, Mrs. 58 Union street.
JOHNSTON, William, commission agent, and ink-powder manufacturer, 4 Lancaster street.
JOHNSTON, M. & C. 9 Academy row.
JOHNSTON, John, bottled porter, ale, and beer store, 26 Talbot street.
JOHNSTON, John, cooper, 16 Morrow’s row.
JOHNSTON, Andrew, hosier, 6 Waring street.
JOHNSTON, James, coal carrier, 98 Grattan street.
JOHNSTON, William, shoemaker, 8 Mary street.
JOHNSTON, John, teacher, 1 Nile street.
JOHNSTON, James, revenue officer, 4 Nelson street.


1 Thomas Bradshaw, Belfast General & Commercial Directory for 1819 , (Belfast: Francis D. Finlay, 1819), pages 38 and 39.

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