East Marlborough Township

Founded: 1729
History: Formed from division of Marlborough township, which had firs been organized in 1704. The taxables from 1715 for the original township are shown below.

Taxables in 1715

Richard Barnard, Walter Cox, Gayen Stevenson, John Ebernethe, John Simcock, Robert Jones, Caleb Pusey, John Smith, Thomas Wickersham, Thomas Mercer, Richard Blackshere, Vincent Caldwell, Joshua Pearce, Mordecai Cloud, Jeremiah Cloud, Joel Bailey, Henry Hayes, Joseph Pennock, Richard Travello, John Martin, Frances Swaine, Thomas Nixon

Non-resident Lands: Joshua Cadman, Joseph Pike, Peter Bainton, James Travello

Freemen: John Heath, John Hays

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Longwood Gardens
Route 1
P.O. Box 501
Kennett Square, PA 19348-0501

East Marlborough Township
721 Unionville Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Churches in East Marlborough

Marlborough Monthly Meeting
Unionville, PA
In 1798, a meeting for worship was set up and in 1799, it became an indulged meeting under the joint care of Kennett, Bradford and London Grove monthly meetings; a preparative meeting was established in 1802 under Kennett. The Orthodox prep meeting was discontinued in 1827 and its members went to Kennett prep. The Hicksite portion of the meeting began to circulate between Marlborough and Unionville and from 1919 to 1930 went under the name of Marlborough-Unionville Prep. In 1931, Unionville became an indiulged meeting and the name went back to Marlborough. In 1972 the Marlborough prep meeting became the Marlborough Monthly Meeting.

St. Michael Lutheran Church
109 E. Doe Run Rd., Unionville, PA 19375 (610) 347-1696

Unionville Presbyterian Church
815 Wollaston Rd., Unionville, PA 19375 (215) 347-2327
Founded in mid-1800’s.

Cemeteries in East Marlborough
East Marlborough Friends Burial Ground
Marlborough Friends Burial Ground
Unionville Friends Burial Ground

Historic Places in East Marlborough
Longwood Gardens District
On U.S. 1, East Marlborough Township Hamorton

Marlborough Village Historic District
354–418 Marlborough Rd. and 901 and 940 Marlborough Springs Rd., East Marlborough and Newlin Townships Kennett Square
South Brook Farm
Jct. of Street Rd. and Bird Rd., East Marlborough Township London Grove

Unionville Village Historic District
PA 162 and PA 82 Unionville

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