East Pikeland Township

Founded: 1838
History: Formed from Pikeland township.Related Links for East PikelandRapps Dam Road P. O. Box 58
Kimberton, PA 19442 610-933-1770

(from Tim Krystopa’s site)

Churches in East Pikeland

St. Basil the Great
2320 Kimberton Road,
Kimberton, PA 19442 (610) 933-2453
Founded on June 9, 1965.

St. Peter’s United Church of Christ
1193 Clover Mill Rd.,
Chester Springs,PA 19460 (610) 933-6419
The first church was built in 1772. That original log structure served as a hospital for General George Washington’s troops during the harsh winter of 1777-78 when they were camped at Valley Forge. The original log structure was replaced with a new building in 1812. That building was destroyed by fire in 1835. In that same year, another church was built and dedicated.

Zion Lutheran Church (“The Old Organ Church”)
39 Bonnie Brae Road, Spring City, PA 19475 (610) 948-3323;
Organized about 1743.


Cemeteries in East Pikeland

St. Peters Lutheran
Clover Mill Rd., East Pikeland
Burial Records

Pikeland Friends Burial Ground
off of Rte 113, East Pikeland twp.

Zion Lutheran
Route 724 and Bonnie Brae
Burial Records

St. Peters Church of Christ
1193 Clover Mill Rd., Chester Springs, PA 19460


Historic Places in East Pikeland Hare’s Hill Road Bridge W of Phoenixville on Hare’s Hill Rd., East Pikeland Township Phoenixville Hartman, George, House W of Phoenixville on Church Rd., East Pikeland Township Phoenixville Kimberton Historic District (Boundary Increase) Hare’s Hill, Prizer, and Kimberton Rds. Kimberton Kimberton Village Historic District Both sides of Hares Hill Rd. between Kimberton and Cold Stream, East Pikeland Township Kimberton Rapps Bridge W of Mont Clare off PA 724 on Mowere Rd., East Pikeland Township Mont Clare

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