Easttown Township

Founded: 1704
History: An original township, Easttown was settled mostly by the Welsh. William Thomas served as the first constable.

Taxables in 1715

Edward Hugh, Ellis Hughes, Hugh Jones, Morgan Hugh, Philip David, David Davis, Jonathan Harris, John David, Evan Thomas, Owen Hugh, Richard Evans, Thomas Edwards

Non-resident lands: William Sharlaw, John Pugh, Owen Humphrey

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Easttown Township
566 Beaumont Road
P. O. Box 79
Devon, PA 19333

Churches in Easttown

Trinity Presebyterian Church
640 Berwyn Ave, Berwyn, PA 19312
Trinity Presbyterian was established in April 1862 and its new church building was dedicated in December of that year.

Historic Places in Easttown

107 Old Lancaster Rd. Devon

Waterloo Mills Historic District
815, 840, 855 and 860 Waterloo Rd., Easttown Township Waterloo Mills

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