Kennett Township

Founded: 1704
History: An original township.Taxables in 1715

Gayen Miller, Michael Harlan, Robert Way, Ezekiel Harlan, Aaron Harlan, John Hoopes, Isaac Few, Samuel Heald, William Levis, Moses Harlan, William Harvey, William Webb, Silas Pryor, John Heald, Valentine Hollingsworth, Alexander Fraser, Daniel Magfarsin, James Harlan, Caleb Prue, Samuel Hall, William Barns, Richard Cox, Joseph Cox, Richard Fetcher, Thomas Fisher, John Battin, Thomas Robinson, Mary Stewart, William Shewin, Edmund Butcher, Joseph Taylor, Evan Harry, William Horne, John Gregg

Freemen: Peter Dix, John Cox, John Way, Edward Way, Nathaniel Way, Charles Jones, Robert Hollin, James Bruce.

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Kennett Township
1001 E. Baltimore Pike
P. O. Box H
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Kennett Square Borough
120 N. Broad Street
P. O. Box 5
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Churches in Kennett

Bethany Presbyterian
316 Kennett Pike
Mendenhall, PA 19357 (610) 388-6164

Bethel AME
300 E. Linden St.
Kennet Square, PA 19348 (610) 444-2974

Kennett Monthly Meeting
Rte. 82 at Sickles St.
Kennett Square, PA (610) 444-1012

Kennett Square Monthly Meeting began as Newark Monthly Meeting when it was first set up in 1693 by Chester Quarterly. In 1760, the name was changed to Kennett. The Orthodox branch of the meeting was discontinued in 1939 and its members transferred to New Garden Monthly Meeting, while the Hicksite branch retained the name of Kennett. The original meetinghouse is on Rte 1 at the entrance to Longwood at Kendal. The Orthodox branch continued to share the Rte 1 meetinghouse with the Hicksite branch until 1830 when they moved to Parkersville, where they erected a meetinghouse and burial ground. The current meetinghouse for Kennett meeting was built in 1958.

Kennett Square Presbyterian Church
211 South Broad Street
Kennett Square, PA 19348 (610) 444-5255
In November of 1862, the Presbyterian Church of Kennett Square was incorporated, with Rev. John S. Gilmour as its first pastor. He was succeeded by Rev. James Frazer in 1872.

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
218 Meredith St.,
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Founded on December 25, 1869.

The Episcopal Church of the Advent
North Union St.
Kennett Square, PA

Cemeteries in Kennett

Union Hill Cemetery
Office: 424 N. Union St.
Kennett Square, 19348 (610) 444-4554
Burial Records

St. Patrick’s cemetery
Unionville Rd. (Rte 82)
Kennett Square, 19348
Burial Records

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