Charlestown Township

Founded: 1702
History: First laid out as a township in 1702, Charlestown was named for Charles Pickering, who came to America with William Penn. The township was divided in 1826 and the eastern portion became Schuylkill township.Taxables in 1715
David Lloyd, Samuel Buckley, John Moore, Griffith Jones, John Pidgeon, Thomas Tress, Joseph Carpenter, Samuel Carpenter, Joseph Richards, Griffith Pritchet, John Jones, Henry Flower, Sauel Richardson, Edward Shippen, Francis Rawles

Landowners in 1774
Patrick Anderson; Joseph Alexander; John and Daniel Buckwalter; Fredrick Bussard; William Bodley; Anne Boyers; Benjamin Boyers; Elias Brown; Alex. Campbell; James Cloyd; Moses, Jonathan and Benjamin Coates; John and Christopher Coon; Joseph Conrad; Israel, Llewellyn, Jenkin and David Davis; William Deweese; Abner Evans; John Francis; Nich. Foose; Val. Foose; William Fussel; Fred. Geerhart; William Graham; John Griffith; John Griffith (schoolmaster); Nich. and Christian Halderman; Nich Halderman, Jr.; Samuel Harvey; Michael Holman; Jacob Hoomel; John Humphrey; David James; David John; Griffith Jones; John Keiter; Robert Kennedy; Michael King; Edwin Lane; George Late; Benj. Longstreth; James and Joel Martin; Jane Martin; Alex McAuley; James McConnell; George McKenny; Henry and Jacob Miller; William Moore, Esq.; Isaac Morgan; Jacob Pennypacker; Matthias Pennypacker; Ant. Pritchard; Philip Rapp; John Richardson; Thomas Roberts; Thos. Robinson; Daniel Rossiter; Joseph Smith; Martin Shenbolk; Joseph Showalter; Joseph Starr; Joseph Starr, Jr.; Jacob Sturk; Amos, James and Benjamin Thomas; Richard Tompkins; Andrew Turk; John Varley; John Vergloth; Sebastian Wagoner; Jon. Wells; James White; Christian Whittaker; David and Thomas Williams; John Youngblood.

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4030 Whitehorse Road
P.O. Box 507 Devault, PA 19432

(from Tim Krystopa’s site)

Cemeteries in Charlestown

Charlestown United Methodist cemetery
Church Rd., Charlestown, 19460


Historic Places in Charlestown

Charlestown Village Historic District SW of Phoenixville on Charlestown Rd., Charlestown Township Phoenixville *National Register of Historic Places

Martin-Little House
S of Phoenixville off PA 113 on Church Rd., Charlestown Township Phoenixville

Middle Pickering Rural Historic District
Pikeland, Yellow Springs, Merlin, Church and Pickering Rds., Phoenixville, E. Pikeland and W. Pikeland Townships Phoenixville

Stonorov, Oskar G., House SW of Phoenixville on Pickering Rd. Phoenixville

Williams, John, Farm S of Phoenixville on Union Hill Rd. Phoenixville

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