Caln Township

Founded: 1714
History: Caln township originally included modern day East Caln, Caln, West Caln, East Brandywine, West Brandywine, part of Valley township, the borough of Downingtown and a portion of Coatesville. It was first organized in 1714, with Peter Taylor serving as constable.

Taxables in 1715
Aaron Mendenhall, Thomas Moore, Peter Taylor. William Cloud, Isaac Vernon, Joseph Cloud, John Mendenhall, William Flemin, James Swaffer, William Taylor, John Parker, Daniel Smith, Philip Roman, Anthony Morris, Richard Webb

Freemen: John Richards, Thomas Efford

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253 Municipal Drive
P.O. Box 149
Thorndale, PA 19372

Churches in Caln
Caln Friends Meetinghouse
Rte 340 at Baily Rd., Coatesville, PA 19320

A preparative meeting at Caln was established by Concord Monthly Meeting in 1716 and Chester Quarterly established the meeting for worship later that same year. In 1737, both meetings were transferred to Bradford Monthly Meeting. The Orthodox prep meeting was discontinued sometime after 1940 and the Hicksite prep meeting was first transferred to Bradford-Uwchlan and then discontinued in 1889. Its members were attached to Uwchlan Prep Meeting.

Our Lady of the Rosary (Italian)
80 S. 17th Ave., Coatesville, PA 19320 (610) 384-1415
Founded in 1917.

St. Joseph
Manor Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335 (610) 269-8294
Founded in 1851. The original church was located on Bradford Avenue in Downingtown. St. Joseph’s parish also has a cemetery located at Glenside Road and Seeds Lane south of Downingtown.

Cemeteries in Caln
Lindley Hill Cemetery
Caln Township

Historic Places in Caln
Caln Meeting House
901 Caln Meeting House Rd. at Bailey Rd.and Rte 340, Caln Township Coatesville
*National Register of Historic Places
The Caln Meeting was first formed in 1716 and its meetinghouse was constructed in its current location about 1726. Now owned by the Sadsbury Meeting, the meetinghouse is under the care of the Old Caln Historical Society. In 1801, the stone building was enlarged to accommodate Quarterly meetings.

County Bridge No. 124
Edge Hill Rd. over Beaver Creek Downingtown
*National Register of Historic Places

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