Chester County Genealogy

Chester County, PA and the genealogy of its people have been a part of my life for so long now that it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t actively engaged in research in the Chester County area. Though my interest in genealogy in Pennsylvania predates my involvement online, the real start for me came when I volunteered in the summer of 1996 to coordinate the Chester county site for the PAGenWeb Project, then in its infancy.

Having a large numbers of ancestors who were Quakers made it much easier in some ways to find information on their history and because of that, a large amount of the data here is related to the early Quaker families of the area. When I first started working on my Chester site for the PAGenWeb Project, I was acutely aware of the tremendous amount of history for the area and the importance that the Chester County area played in the early history of our country. As one of the three original counties created when Pennsylvania was first settled, nearly all later parts of the state derive their roots in this original section as it was a major point of entry for settlers coming to Pennsylvania.

During my time as coordinator, a total of about 6 years altogether, I collected an enormous amount of genealogy and history data pertaining to the Chester County area and the neighboring counties and have been actively putting it online ever since.

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