East Bradford Township

Founded: 1731
History: Formed from Bradford township, which was originally setup in 1705 with Richard Buffington as its first constable. He was followed by Robert Jefferis in 1706 and by Abiah Taylor in 1707. The original township was divided into East and West Bradford in 1731. The 1715 taxables list for the original township has been included below.

Taxables in 1715

Richard Woodward, George Stroud, Richard Buffington, William Vestall, John Buffington, William Buffington, Obadiah (Abiah) Taylor, William Baldwin, Abel Whitaker, Peter Colins, William Marshall, John Cope, Thomas Buffington, Edward Clayton, Thomas Arnold, George Carter, Robert Jeferes, Abram Marshall

Freemen: John Stroud, Richard Moore, John Buttler, William Clark

Non-resident land: Daniel Smith, William Wonton, John Corwell, Jacob Taylor

Landowners in 1774

Abel Baoke; Jos. Buffington; Geo. Carter; Hannah Carter; Thos. Carter; Isaac Chapman; Joseph, Samuel and Nathan Cope; John Darlington; Amos Davis; Daniel Davis; Susannah Davis; Joseph Downing; Geo. Dunavan; Geo. Entriken; Samuel Entriken; Abigail Fling; Enoch Gray; Mary Grubb; Thos. Hall; John Hannum; Benj. Hawley; Joseph Hawley; Joshua Hoops; Nathan Hoops; Emmor Jefferis; Jas. Jefferis; Nathaniel Jeffferis; Richard Jefferis; John Jones; Richard Jones; William Messer; Samuel Osborn; James Painter; Samuel Painter; Jos. Parke; Joseph Rhoades; Jas. Robinson; Charles Ryan; Thomas Speakman; Jas. Starr; Joseph Strode; Richard Strode; Jacob Talbot; Abiah, Deborah, John and Abram Taylor; Jos. Temple; John Townsend; John Underwood; Joseph Underwood; James Wolerton; Joseph Wolerton; Henry Woodward; Thos. Worth.

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East Bradford Township
666 Copeland School Road
West Chester, PA 19380

Churches in East Bradford

Historic Places in East Bradford
Carter-Worth House and Farm
450 Lucky Hill Rd., East Bradford Township Marshallton
*National Register of Historic Places

Cope’s Bridge
Strasburg Rd., crossing over Brandywine Creek, East Bradford
*National Register of Historic Places

East Bradford Boarding School for Boys
1 mi. E of Lenape at West Chester and Sconnelltown Rds., East Bradford Township
*National Register of Historic Places

Gibson’s Covered Bridge
Intersection of Harmony Hil Rd & Rte. 322
Also known as Harmony Hill Bridge.

Gibsons Bridge

Hance House and Barn
Rt. 842 E. Bradford Twp.

Hannum, Col. John, House
NE of Marshallton at 898 Frank Rd., East Bradford Township Marshallton

Paradise Valley Historic District
Roughly, Valley Creek Rd. from US 322 to Ravine Rd., East Bradford Township Marshallton

Taylor–Cope Historic District
890–1100 blk. of Strasburg Rd./PA 162 Marshallton

Taylor House
E of Marshallton on W. Strasburg Rd., East Bradford Township Marshallton

Worth–Jefferis Rural Historic District
Roughly, along Lucky Hill, N. Wawaset, Allerton and Creek Rds., East and West Bradford Townships Marshallton

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